• Nice win over Quick

    Giants JH1 Overcomes Quick JH1 In Face Of Early 3-Run Inning

    Despite allowing three runs in the sixth inning, Giants JH1 defeated Quick JH1 9-5 on Saturday. Olivier De Boer and Lucas Elizabeth each had RBIs in the big inning.

    Giants JH1 fired up the offense in the first inning, when Jordi Schrage reached on a dropped third strike.

    Giants JH1 scored four runs in the sixth inning. The offensive firepower by Giants JH1 was led by Scott Wolters, Kai Van Ingen, Jaspers Kaspers, and Justin Vossebeld, all driving in runs in the inning.

    Kaspers toed the rubber for Giants JH1. Kaspers lasted four innings, allowing one hit and two runs while striking out eight.

    Davey Vrolijk started the game for Quick JH1. The bulldog allowed five hits and four runs over four innings, striking out two. Jasper Bloemsma and Darren Honing entered the game as relief, throwing one and two-thirds innings and one-third of an inning respectively.

    Giants JH1 scattered 12 hits in the game. Sep Lopes Cardozo, Vossebeld, and Wolters all had multiple hits for Giants JH1. Wolters, Vossebeld, and Lopes Cardozo each managed two hits to lead Giants JH1. Giants JH1 was sure-handed and didn't commit a single error. Hugo Rijkenhuizen made the most plays with ten. Giants JH1 tore up the base paths, as three players stole at least two bases. Rijkenhuizen led the way with five.